Your Live Course has been submited for review!

  1. Wait for Our Team Review and Contact for Available Dates: Once your course has been submitted, wait for the OrfeArt team to review and approve the course. If the course is accepted, they will contact you to discuss any detail about going live.

  2. Check the Terms and Conditions: Before proceeding, make sure to carefully read and understand the terms and conditions of the e-learning platform regarding payments, fees, content restrictions, Zoom behavior, and policies. This will help ensure that your course complies with the platform’s guidelines and regulations.

  3. Prepare for the Zoom session: Once the date and time have been confirmed, prepare for the Zoom session by testing the equipment and software, reviewing the webinar content, and practicing the presentation. Make sure to have all the necessary materials and equipment ready for the day of the course .

  4. Conduct the course: On the day of the session, conduct the course as planned. Use engaging and interactive techniques to keep the audience interested and involved throughout the presentation.

If you have any question, feel free to talk to us online: