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The Orfe EcoArt Program provides a great opportunity for creative individuals with an interest in education to benefit from a platform that will help connect them with a new audience, generate income, and use their gifts to make a difference in the world. 

Who can teach at Orfe?

We are looking to connect and work with artists and creative educators (independent contractors) that would like to explore and share their talent through educational online or in-person workshops.

Teach Online

The Orfe EcoArt Program provides the first online educational platform for children and youth that is focused on tackling climate change.

This online platform enables educators in different disciplines, professional artists, and talented creators, that are willing to align their classes with the Orfe Environmental Guidelines, to teach a subject on their specialty, to children between 3 to 18 years old.

The Orfe environmental guidelines provide direction and support for instructors while children are engaging with creative ideas. The guide’s content is centered around essential concepts that should be considered during the design and execution of projects.

The classes are available for parents, school boards, and other organizations to purchase for the benefit of children.

Once the instructors have been approved to teach online in the Orfe EcoArt Platform, they will provide their services as independent contractors.

Instructors have the freedom to create their own classes, sequence of classes, or full study plan. They can set their own number of classes and determine their own schedule and fees. Additionally, they prepare and upload their own curriculum!

Teach In-Person

Orfe will support instructors from different artistic disciplines (professional artists and talented creators) who are willing to align the classes with the Orfe Environmental Guidelines. Instructors also will be guided on how to instruct children on their artistic/creative specialty and how to facilitate our creative curriculum.

We also provide opportunities for undergraduate students who have recently graduated in art, environmental studies, or STEAM careers. 

The Orfe EcoArt In-Person program is implemented in partnered schools in the Greatest Area of Toronto (GTA) with the During Lunch Program, from 11:15 am to 12:00, and the After School Program from 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm. In addition, during the year, activities such as camps and workshops in schools are also taking place.

We offer independent contractors the benefit of both part-time and full-time contracts. If the application is approved, the terms and conditions of the contract will be discussed with the approved applicant.

If you are interested in using your skills to teach children and youth, learn how to do it, or gain work experience, reach out by sending your application.

You may need to review Orfe’s Environmental Guide and take advantage of the Instructor Help Guide section.


The Instructor will earn 65% from the payments made by parents for their Live and/or Pre-Recorded courses.

To calculate the instructor’s earnings per class, multiply the course fee (e.g., $25) by the number of students and then multiply the result by 65%. Here’s an example: If there are 10 students in the class, you would earn $162.50: $25 x 10 students x 65% = $162.50.

 1-hour class/student: $25

Number of students in that class: 10

Total payments: $250

Margin applied: 65%

Instructor’s earnings per 1 hour/ class: $162.5

Instructors commit to preparing and uploading their own curriculum.

Payments are made bi-weekly. The payment will be transferred between 5-10 business days after your class to your PayPal account which you must provide when you register as a teacher 

Before applying, make sure, you have the following required documents:

Curriculum vitae with two work references.

Highlight your most relevant experience. Provide links where we can see examples of your artistic and creative skills. e.g., website, social media, portfolio, etc.

  1. Two personal references
  2. The legal background of the country where you currently reside
  3. Two legal documents of the country you reside in as proof of your identity e.g., a valid driver’s license, Passport, etc.
  4. Provide an unlisted YouTube video of no more than 3 minutes giving a demonstration of a class to know your teaching style, and the classroom you intend to use, to verify the adequacy of the: light, sound, camera, organization, etc.

After submitting your application, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your approval and instructions for setting up your courses.

Yes, you need to read and accept the website’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy policies in order to use the platform.

The Orfe’s Environmental Guide is a resource created to help individuals learn ecological practices that they can adopt to help protect and sustain the environment. The topics covered include reducing waste, conserving water, and promoting sustainable consumption.

The Instructor Help Guide is a resource designed to help instructors create their courses on Orfe’s online platform. In addition to providing tips on how to create an instructor profile and content, it also provides examples. There is also a guide on how to upload the course content.

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